Thursday, February 19, 2004

The Car Crash and the Practical Joke Store Fronts

Driving with JD, it's flooded or snowing and icy. The car eventually spins completely out of control - certainty of crash.
The back end slams into the front of a parked car with great speed and force; we are ok but car is totaled - front chassis pushed up 3 feet above front tires. In a strip-mall parking lot, figuring out next move. I have to hide some illegal substances that are in the car, though I have trouble discerning the substances from some food JD left behind. Cop/homeless man comes over. Cops say we can't park there, because they are pulling some elaborate practical joke on someone who is arriving shortly. All the cars in the lot currently belong to people in on the joke. They are changing all the signs and storefronts as part of this joke. Since I've become part of it, they "honor" me by naming one of the fake stores after me, though the more I watch them but up the sign, the more the sign changes (Neil --> Neso etc.) I see FW and RC coming out of a bar in the strip-mall, some type of open mic going on, I consider dropping in since I'm stuck there.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

The Plane Crash and the Singing Alarm Clock

Some kind of nighttime gathering, plane in the sky is coming too close - crashes in backyard. Must evade explosion quickly.

Another segment where RH is upset with me for playing songs in a certain order during a recent gig.
Another moment from this gig, AF is being introduced for a minute and just as it leads up, the announcer says "please welcome to the microphone...AF" and she grabs the mike and the second she opens her mouth my alarm clock goes off.

So much more that is forgotten, promise to self to make more effort to write here faster.