Sunday, August 29, 2004

Strange Markings / Jeff Buckley & Elliott Smith

At some point, my mother has strange markings on both of her arms from an injury.

Towards the end of the dream, I'm actually hanging out in a basement with Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith. (Do I listen to their music too much?) I'm extremely excited, and say it out loud, and we are all strapping on electric guitars to jam.

Friday, August 27, 2004


Only the end is remembered, in a hallway, cross between office building and school, PM is walking down all towards me. I hope to explain myself, but he is surprised and holding back a great deal of anger. He glowers, doesn't say a word, exits hall.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Sister's Vacation / Half-Dreaming / Dream Communication

Only end of dream remembered. Parents wondering where sister wants to go on vacation. They are hoping the answer is simply my parents' house. Sister has other ideas; San Diego, Chicago. I wonder out loud why they would go to Chicago. In one part of the dream, my sister's family unit and members are represented by a simple symbol on a page, somewhere between a graph-like picture and ancient hieroglyphics.

Harder to differentiate dreams from reality recently. Very vivid dreams that seem to blur into real life or vice versa. I was walking into the front door of my apartment building and there was a girl there on the phone holding the door open. I'm not sure when this happened or if it was a dream or reality. Another time, recently, while in bed, I thought there were spider webs at the end of the bed, so I stuffed the covers there between the foot of the bed and the dresser and went back to sleep. When I awoke the covers were still stuffed there, but I doubt there were ever any webs. In a half-sleep state I may have imagined the webs and physically pushed the cover down.

Last night, while in bed in that state between waking and sleeping, half-dreaming, I felt I was able to tap into a network of telepathy between people. A sort of invisible multiple party line. I curiously sought out certain friend's mental doors in the void. I got a lot of wrong numbers instead; a lot of other strangers out there clogging the network with requests for responses. I would not say I literally heard voices, as the experience let me fully realize what a sixth sense might actually mean and feel like - it's something, by definition, you can't describe using the other senses i.e. hearing. A sense of something that just happens and you react to it immediately, as if with the sense of touch, someone tapped you on the shoulder. Something you just instantly know like other sense experiences i.e. without any conscious thought process.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Happy Song of the Giant Spider / The Siege

This follows a recent dream where I was chased relentlessly by a swarm of bees.

And another recent dream where I am chased through my parents' house by a large monster that is eventually a giant spider. In the upstairs back bathroom, the window leads unto the deck; I'm slicing at monster appendages thrusting through the door. I climb out window to deck, fly down steps, race towards side back fence. Glancing back to see if Giant Spider has caught the trail - not just yet; I'm thinking Giant Spider won't go outdoors, esp. in broad daylight. Over fence. Eventually see that Giant Spider not only has indeed come out in broad daylight to chase me, but is so comfortably pleased with the situation that it is singing a happy little song to itself, about how much it enjoys running in backyards. The song's lyrics refers to its vocalist as a "junkyard dog" at some point.

Last night's dream, in some building, held captive, some people are going through killing everyone. I'm able to hide in a room with a weapon (fireplace poker.) Woman comes in, we struggle, she is surprised I can fend her off. Wedging her skull sideways between poker and wall; someone is coming. I don't want to hurt her, until I realize if I don't, I'm going to die. Slight crushing of her skull then I exit via other door. Look out second floor window, similar to parents' house but different; judge to see if I could slide down roof. Eventually make way to back bathroom (as in Spider dream) and get out that same way again. My father is running towards me from back fence. He is also trying to stop me, but he also describes some food and drink that is placed somewhere in the back, that I could in theory grab some of while running, but he is unable to show me the exact spot. We are on the verge of making a deal to "break" for dinner but I am highly skeptical of this idea at this point in time.