Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ringo's Neighbor / Elliott Smith's Friend / The Bay / The Model

This is a collection of recently remembered dreams.

Walking around my town (amalgam of many towns), slightly lost at times. Leaving an apartment after hanging out with Ringo Starr. Walking, thinking, why haven't I been doing more hanging out with Ringo while I've lived here? Other things I'm missing? Shouldn't move? Call MI to vent. Realize Ringo living nearby isn't very realistic; rationalize that he must just have a little secret getaway place here.

Another dream where I'm in some apartment/dorm, a large old building. Hanging out in elevator/room with Elliott Smith. I don't want to seem too much of a fan to him and freak him out. He talks about last record, says "record company changed it" not to his liking. Says he's been "drinking a lot", with a vaguely desperate smirk.

At a strange cross between the corner of M Drive and P Road, and a sort of beach inlet, daytime. Waves start to crash hard against rocks. I remember I left some equipment and things on short on other side of bay; prepare to swim quickly across (roughly 60 ft) to salvage. Am stopped by friends: "too dangerous." Waters are rough indeed.

A little while later, seeing high school people on M Drive. One woman I seem to recognize from HS (not really), insanely tall African-American. By end of conversation, she is at least 15 ft. tall. Very difficult to communicate distance. Ask her what she's been doing: soda pop model overseas. "Of course, what else could she possibly do."