Sunday, November 24, 2002

Producer Jonathan Slummett

First sequence, some type of recording business going on, working with Vangelis. A new Jon A. record is being produced, I get a call from the producer, "Jonathan Slummett", he seems very eager to work. I tell him I heard some rough mixes and liked them. I begin to think of some ideas for the record.

Later, cleaning for the holidays at my parents' house, Mom asks me to find the Glade Furniture Polish, I go upstairs, sifiting through air fresheners in similar packaging but cannot find polish. Ask Dad and Elizabeth, but turns into argument. I storm out front door.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Journey Across Iraq

Some type of Iraq invasion. A long desert road (from Baghdad to nowhere...), and I am somewhat excited to be in the thick of the action. Planes pass over head, drop bombs in threes.

It took some time to get to this area, had to pass through some type of country house, out the back door, after 'basic training' was over. There was also another sequence around a tree-lined lake, on the journey. This was actually a long dream where all this took place over hours.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

No, He's Just a Kid

Very long with many sequences that are jumbled now.
Some type of high school reunion, speaking with a small group of males and females, we are very close, friendship-wise and also physically, wrapped in a tight huddle talking and laughing. Others are jealous. At some point everyone is leaving, I hang back and talk to some stragglers, David K, David J, even NL strangely; I tell him I put myself on his mailing list as he talks about an
upcoming production. I've left something behind, for a school project or something and can't find it in some classrooms. Leaving the school there is a brief encounter initiated by an unknown girl with slightly curly long hair. She becomes someone else in the packed parking lot as I follow her, realizing I have no idea where I parked my car. Somehow I remember that I can't find it
because I never brought it, because I am in bed at home already.

Something happens on a giant soccer field, teams are being formed but wildly uneven. A kid asks me to be on his team, but I move on. A new scene, trees and snow outside some building where we are going to record music; Tom and others figure. There is one crazy guy who climbs a tree and hangs upside down precariously; his body shifts as he is some type of mutant. He picks me up somehow as a prank but it is taken seriously. There is a fight now inside with him though he now resembles R. His arms are flailing around wildly at blinding speed, and it is daunting. I attempt to do the same to defend myself. My cousin joins in and we obliterate the guy who becomes more like a little kid. At one point I am slamming him in this wooden hutch/cabinet thing. There is blood.

Later I am held hostage by a teacher type (Mr. J) in a bathroom; some type of terrorism, and he is passing instructions (bomb-building?) under the door and guiding me through them. One part of the 'test' gets impossibly confusing and I can't continue in a timely manner for him ('C', pictures) and an explosion is heard somewhere. The man is very, very upset. Someone else comes in to give me some motivational talk about following the directions better, but I try to explain the impossibility. A female hostage is thrown in with me, but before we get a chance to try again, the teacher-type is so upset he comes in and starts hitting us hard, eventually pulling out a gun. I try to block the shots with the only thing available, a pillow, and somehow, the shots do not find their targets. There is a someone suddenly, a policeman perhaps, creeping up behind the gunman, but he is sort of frozen. I yell for them to do something quickly before it's too late, something more complex also about how the gunman is responsible for his actions and should be taken down. The policeman-type answers however, yelling "no, he's just a kid!!" and suddenly the character and the setting behind them changes and it is an extremely nightmarish sequence this whole ending part, like the gunman being swallowed by the mouth of Hell. On near-waking I remark that it was all something out of a David Lynch film or similar.