Saturday, August 09, 2003

A Demon's Holistic View of Time

Very dark and supernatural. Someone is driving a car through a cemetery, causing damage and also somehow interfering/injuring the dead. Bad karma; karma literally mathematically calculated somehow.

Demonic woman is explaining something to someone. The concept of Time is laid out as a large graphic; this is a picture of Time occuring all at once as seen from the outside (though to my eyes it still appears as a linear process on the graph.) Demon explains that from this vantage point, "answers aren't quite so clear" implying morality cannot be defined when looking at the totality of reality at once without the measure of Time. However, she makes clear that the right thing to do can be judged when each second is once again subdivided into past, present, future, and as she says this, Time starts up again as the demon more or less stabs her listener in the heart, implying this is the (awful and terrible) answer in the here and now, or something.

Also, a recurring dream, where I haven't been to school in a while. Late due to strange occurence. Mixed pile of compost and fireworks in driveway, has been set alight in hopes of calling for help. Someone shows up in a car and it's decided the firework display is not needed. I rather uncautiously go about removing the lit fuse before the pyrotechnics are ignited.