Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I, Ghost

In some dark house, investigating some type of death/crime scene. One or two other investigators with me...something involving a stairway and a statue-like woman. Then - I appear to be a ghost in the house, myself. I'm in a dark cellar, looking for the exit. Someone has seen me - as a ghost - and I need to flee because ghosts should not be caught. I'm trying to get outside, but when I find one exit, it appears to lead to a lower, identical basement instead. Finally I get outside into the sunlight. This is good, because I discover that, as a ghost, I cannot be seen in direct sunlight. But I could be seen in darker areas/shadows, so I'm glad (relatively) to be out in the sun and subsequently totally invisible. As I walk down the street, I'm able to fly up 20-30 feet into the air and hover. There is a mixture of pleasant anonymous solitude, and terrible alienation/loneliness.