Tuesday, October 28, 2003

J-Lo's Ranch

Sort of a biographical movie about (and starring) Jennifer Lopez, who, we find out, before becoming well-known, was The Who bass player John Entwistle's girlfriend. She is really just using him for his money and celebrity of course. They are part of some illegal operation that runs out of a ranch-style home near the ocean. Eventually the authorities find out and invade the place. Lopez remarks to a female friend how now she will have to start from scratch again, and I'm impressed with her resilience. I am physically present, not just watching this movie, I see the FBI slowly raiding the ranch. There are two old mafia types in another living room just sitting calmly. I decide to flee out the back glass doors, hoping I'm not spotted through the windows. I am holding a glass of red wine as I walk briskly to a crowded boardwalk where many people are excitedly watching the (very rough) waters. I look and there are hundreds of dolphins (more resembling small black and white killer whales) leaping about in the rough surf. I take some pictures with a camera; a little boy points at me and says "Pulitzer," implying that just taking pictures of this strange aquatic event will garner me a photography award.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Bad Teeth

Only part remembered is some metal retainer type thing affixed to teeth extremely tightly. I'm on a boat of some kind/ferry cruise etc. I go into bathroom to remove metal, eager and anxious to feel teeth finally released...removal....too relaxed...teeth are in bad shape, left front tooth comes off in my hand, general decay...extremely bad feeling.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Applebee's, Toys 'R Us, and George Duke's Limousine

Starts with JD in some Applebee's type restaurant. Leaving, nearly out the door, but realize we've forgotten some stuff in the booth (i.e. shopping bags.) This turns into an angry altercation with some managers. I lose it, shouting obscenities in front of patrons, and tell employees not to be so surprised I'm acting this way due to their obnoxiousness and condescension. At some point, able to return to booth and search underneath for bags; still missing stuff. Leaving again, I give more angry threats towards belligerent male manager.

Outside, meet up with JD and family; I'm embarrassed by previous actions. I move away down the block, decide to prank Applebee's on cell phone (calling 411 first.) I use sort of stroke-victim "Kissel" type voice and ask strange questions to employee who picks up phone, i.e. "do you have pickles?" etc. Cousin Tom shows up, we goof around. I realize I am also missing jacket, wallet, etc. We race back to restaurant; might be closing. Tom runs extra fast to be funny or make a point. Eventually with JD's mom and a relative played by actress Doris Roberts.

Get back, able to enter (not closed) but quickly realize this isn't the restaurant, it's the Toys 'R Us next store. Move next store and gain entrance into closed restaurant (employees cleaning up.) Opposite of previous exchange; friendly at first, I tell them I had left some things behind earlier and was treated badly by staff, but express love for establishment, which they appreciate.

Somehow this discussion changes location to the back of a limousine where I continue to negotiate with the staff, now on their way home. I notice one of the smug young girls actually wearing my jacket and take it back, only to be laughed at when I put it on and realize an inner lining has been removed. Somehow I get my stuff back including cash in wallet, through negotiation with young punk. Suddenly a figure appears from further ahead in the stretch car: it's musician George Duke, looking very friendly - I flip out, telling him how excited I am to meet him. He's also ecstatic as these young kids he seems to cart around in his limo to and from Applebee's don't seem to really know who he is. I start telling him which of his records I like and he finishes my thoughts: "I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry", "Reach For It", and "Feel It." (All of these are real-life records by George Duke except the last one which is really called just "Feel.") I want to tell him I like a certain ballad called "Someday" (true) but am cut off.

We arrive at Duke's gated mansion; I realize I need to get back somehow to the restaurant (and my car there.) George agrees to take me back as he lets the kids out. The punk who eventually gave me my wallet back - we have a heart-to-heart, where we both reveal our serious financial difficulties. I decide to give him some money to show no hard feelings; I realize his sincere need. I drop a $20 bill but decide to give that to him. We get in the back of the luxury car together as George Duke takes the wheel.

Later, I'm back at Toys 'R Us. RU is there. Walking around, there is music playing, and I realize I am able to sing normally impossibly high notes, so I start improvising in a Middle Eastern style, joyful and laughing at myself, and especially one ridiculously high passage. I'm with some percussionists, moving through the aisles, while we pass another group of indigenous type percussionists playing their own groove. They slow theirs down a bit to match ours, but their downbeat is on our upbeat, which I humorously, visually note to one of the foreign players by moving to the beat in a certain way. He smiles and realizes the discrepancy, but it's all good. Shortly after, a brief discussion with RU on what to check out in the store.