Thursday, December 12, 2002

Radiohead Compilation / The Store of Dreams / Joe Pesci and the Missile Attack

I'm younger, at parents' house, wanting to stay home from school. My mother is ok with this, I might be sick with fever or something, though I explore other escape scenarios. Unnecessary when I see it is already after 4pm. Watching a Radiohead interview on TV, Thom Yorke is saying something about when they "worked in the 70's", which I am perplexed by. I'm looking at and listening to a Radiohead CD when, oddly, the fourth track is the original Led Zeppelin recording of D'yer Maker. Indeed, the track listing confirms this to be something of a compilation. The cover at first resembles Airbag but is named first Amnesiac and then something like Immediate Concerns or Immediate something or other. Two of my songs even made it onto the disc, I am pleased Radiohead obviously enjoyed them so.

In some type of super store that carries all sorts of rare stuff I've always wanted, CDs, toys, etc. Looking through some action figures with Tom, I find there are some incredibly rare ones hiding, cheaply priced at 78 cents each, and start taking some, though it crossed my mind, what am I really going to do with them, what is their real value, etc.

I go over to the main info desk, there is a picture hanging of a book cover, a sketch of an incredibly beautiful woman, side view, glasses, shoulder-length brown hair.
The book may be about jazz, the cover girl reminds me of Astrud Gilberto. I ask if the book is in and eventually they bring it. The cover is a little different, the woman is a little more shadowed and obscured, and appears to be in bed, touching herself. The inside of the book turns out to be possibly about guitarist John McLaughlin, a lot of strange information about his early career.

I return to the action figure area, where I had left a stack of stuff I wanted, to find that everything has be re-shelved and reorganized, which pisses me off greatly. At first I blame customers, "they don't know what they are doing", but soon it is revealed that entire area of the store has been re-plotted and the figures are in a new area, in containers underneath some long tables. I go through them again, with a wide variety of results. I pull some aside to show Tom. At some point, my sister Elizabeth appears with Tom to get me. Tom is holding Ginger-Cat, which is surprising. "Ginger really went for a ride this time!" I say, petting cat. Ginger is getting restless, I warn Tom not to put him down, but he does. A family comes over to complain to Tom about Ginger's actions. At some other point, copying 3 CDs for YS, one appears to be VH2. I notice I have that one already ripped on my PC, petty argument ensues.

In a version of the apartment, Joe Pesci is there but he is one of his characters from Goodfellas or Casino. He is my younger brother. He tells me not to worry about something, i.e. my place is now under his protection. I'm washing a pot in the sink. I go over to him to thank him, and to finally tell him how proud I am of him. I expect we'll hug, but we clasp elbows and I'm not sure if he is a bit put off by what I said.

This becomes watching the end of a movie with those characters on a large TV, possibly with Craig. Pesci has become Robert Vaughn on the screen and the film is now black and white. There is some type of commentary about some important "one bit of makeup" on Vaughn, I look and he appears to be wearing light lipstick, but more in the manner as if he was just kissed. I also suspect the lipstick is meant to be symbolic, a rush of blood, that he is about be shot, and he is. As he stumbles, he says something like "My name is _____ _____" and it is odd. In the film, Jimmy Stewart is also there in the scene, he is climbing out a window, when there is a shot and a wisp of smoke; he is shot in the shoulder and is dying. I scrutinize the special effects. Craig asks if that is the end of the movie, I say no, thinking of the end sequence of Goodfellas, but the credits run and I realize it must be some other film, or edited for TV.

Shortly after, looking out the window (a mountainous area, similar to outside window in film) I see two missiles flying through the air, they resemble the "sonic charges" from the recent Star Wars film. One hits, the other flies right over, skimming the house me and someone else are in. We turn and looking to see it pass over through a window on the other side of the house. The missile lands just over a ridge. Now the fate of all is revealed, as a mushroom cloud looms up; it is nuclear. Some serious thoughts enter as it is assumed we will be disintegrated as the cloud and light approach. I sit quickly, facing away, and surrender my soul to God/Jesus. I also say something along the lines of "may I become Sound, before I have my own way." At this point nearly disembodied, unsure of fate.

Saturday, December 07, 2002

The Blow-Up Snake

Extremely interesting (and perhaps embarrassing) seems I've become wrapped up in some "urban legend" about a (toy) snake
that cannot be destroyed...

Earlier my father asked me to unplug my computer for some reason, at some type of large party. The computer
is in some type of backstage area. Later this becomes some type of surprise Xmas party and I've gotten a new computer
which explains the subterfuge earlier. There is also a Playstation (turns out to be original PS.) All I can think is how I
didn't need these things.

Then begins the snake saga. Mostly it is almost like a blow-up pool toy, at best 5 foot long, in the shape of a large snake, white with green dots,
and a scary face on one end. Later I explained I innocently inflated it when I found it in my old bedroom, but it has gotten to the
point where I am trying to destroy it but cannot. I am horrified to find that when I tear it to shreds or somesuch, it simply grows again from one piece.
I go through a variety of situations where I am trying to destroy it, all the while amazed and horrified that I have become part of this nightmare
reality, urban legend come to life. In one rebirth, it has faces on both ends. This all goes on for some time.