Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The Government Building / Wheel of Fire

In some strange government/tourist building, trying not to be seen. I hear my name called in my own mind; discover I'm reading a security guard's mind who finally catches up with me. It appears I dropped my driver's license and he found it and was looking for me so he could return it. Somewhere in this building I'm trying to go down a flight of stairs only to find they change direction and go back up (in a smooth curve) mid-flight. There is an earlier scene in a giant parking lot, outdoors in the daytime.

Strange scene outdoors where EC, thinking no one sees, injures a small child, then pretends to look surprised and take care of wound.

At some point in some type of hotel/dorm room I'm staying in, only to find a dead decaying body.

Vivid and frightening extended scene of "wheel of fire" being visible through everything, everything made of fire with a zig zag wheel turning through the designs. Looking up over mountains.

Strange high school reunion type scene in large movie theater. JS shows up dressed as Darth Vader - bad, cheap outfit with messy mask. I laugh. JS turns and walks, back view reveals as added joke that JS wears no pants under cape. Someone is counting something out for effect, but instead of saying "infinity" at the end, they say "indecency" in a mock serious tone. A bizarre pun, I laugh again.

Another scene of some type of moving out endeavor, i.e. packing to leave at vacation's end. General feeling of end of things.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

What's That Not-So-Groovy Sound?

Some type of high school reunion, near a large outdoor tent on a suburban street. Some of the jocks start throwing around a football. A long pass comes to me, I catch it, run to an imaginary end zone and spike it. Proud of myself, decide to quit while I'm ahead. Ball goes near me again but I pretend not to notice as I walk away.

Some concept has come up, like someone's last words or thoughts were "What's that noise?" This leads me to some humorous conclusions, that possibly everyone experiences that at death. I make a joke to the people I'm discussing this with, that "yeah, even Jimi Hendrix, in the weeks just before his sudden demise, was working on a record called 'What's That Not-So-Groovy Sound?' In my mind at first I thought, just 'Groovy', but then remembering it was an omen of death, decided on 'Not-So-Groovy', 'groovy' being a cheap sort of imaginary Hendrix vernacular. In the dream I find this record idea so funny that I wake up laughing hard with tears rolling down my face.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Sisyphus in Hell

Train of thought leads to vision of Hell, though Hell/Satan/Sisyphus are never mentioned in it. The vision of being forced to do the same work over and over again. Some get so tired after 15,000 years they attempt to destroy themselves and split their bodies apart, but they do not die and must continue; now they just look wretched and impossible. But I understand someone might know it's useless but do that anyway, driven to madness.

Slight change to the idea of Iranian musicians pushing glaciers over mountains as part of some selfless task that benefits both their people and music.