Thursday, December 16, 2004

Rock Concert at Bay Terrace

I'm walking around up towards Bay Terrace at night. I overhear some conversations; a man is ordering his assistant around, something to do with gathering written local reviews of his artwork. I finally reach the shopping center. A group of kids are trying to figure out how to get down to the main area, while I see a small stairway between some buildings. The stairway turns out to be all screwed up - each step is a 5' long concrete block about 5 inches high, which isn't weird, but they are twisted in oblique directions making descent a bit tricky. It's not so much "down" as "across."

I finally reach the bottom to find that the main center/parking lot area is full of people preparing a big outdoor concert. There are no regular shoppers and all the surrounding stores are closed. There is a large stage near me and an R&B group is rehearsing their segment. I'm not inclined to stay, especially since I'm not allowed to be there yet. I try going back to the big crooked stairs. A man stops me, he's helping to run the event, but he seems to mistake me for someone else. We sit and talk in the stairs area. He might think I am one of the cue-card holders shirking my duties, and either way, he asks me to go hold them. The cue-cards apparently have song lyrics for the band on them; specifically I'm to hold them for the bass player. The group now has a main lead singer and he's rehearsing a song he plans to sing for his girl.

Meanwhile I try to explain to the man I'm not who he thinks. At some point, he suspects I'm in the band Blink 182 and asks me where the other guys are. He is a little too friendly and after a hand gesture, keeps his arm too familiarly on my knee. I'm concerned, but figure if he is flirting with me maybe he doesn't care I don't belong there, but instead I tell him I'm not the guy, just a civilian, but hey I'll hold the cue- cards if needed, just to have a story to tell. I ask him if all I need to do is read along with the song to know when to change the card. As I say this, I listen to the music the band is currently rehearsing and realizing the vocals are too muddy and muffled to make out any words. The dream ends.

Other recent dream; at parents' house, I find an appropriate moment to tell family about MI.