Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Esoteric Alternatives

I'm in a large library (unlike the one I frequent in waking hours.) High school (and earlier) people figure. I see them as I'm checking out a card catalog; they are seated in a certain area taking some type of advanced test. I wonder why was not invited to take the test; feel left out, underachieving, and that maybe I should be more pro-active and find out how to take the test even though I was not invited. Unsure what test leads to. I'm suddenly distracted by a different area of the library I had not noticed before. The areas have subject signs over them like in a book store. This one area says "Gurdjieff & Mystic Arts" so I go over to it. There is a small case that stands by itself away from the wall, about 4 feet high with Fourth Way books in it. Many volumes of some previously unknown series. Also, a chess set is in the case with the books, for library use I assume. I fancy playing with it, and imagine some people using those pieces, unaware that the game is part of this esoteric school of thought.