Monday, February 28, 2005

Vader's Spirit Passage / The Blues Jam / The Book about the Dream / Desert Monsters

A collection of fragments from the last few days:

In this dark factory location, there are metal doors that open intermittently to this cremation/CAT-scan type of narrow passage that leads to parts unknown. The entrance is also blocked by a piece of glass with an oval opening in the middle. Flames shoot out around entry, white hot. I need to go through so I do. On the other side, my body resembles Darth Vader lying prone, but my visible spirit rises up from the body and can move freely. I'm uncertain, I ask friends back on other side if this is what happened last time too, i.e. did I rise up as a spirit and continue? Answer: yeah. I move on to parts unknown beyond the passage.

Earlier: Some type of festival gig, crowded room. RH wants to show a little line-cliche/guitar lick to all, so a blues jam starts up. People trading solos, but end before RH gets to show the line. Apologies. Shows me. Sort of I7 - IV7 - iv6 i.e. key of A: C# A G C# A G - C A F# C A F# - B A F B A F - A etc.

Even earlier: I'm in apartment, accidentally call Dad at work; I use fake voice to hide identity. Later there is a book called "This is the Dream" that I'm told about. I think I wake up and am writing down the dream, noting the strange coincidental book title, but I'm actually still dreaming. Mom comes over and starts relating a dream of hers, so I start jotting that one down instead.

Also: In a half-dreaming state while staying near the Mojave Desert last week, I had some strange, dream-like images come to mind spontaneously, forcefully. A weird, gelatinous amoeba-like creature about ten inches wide moving in the night from plant to plant in the brush. Other imagery is forgotten, generally involving strange spirit like creatures in the desert night and iconic imagery.