Monday, October 24, 2005

Dream Debris

These are some fragments from various remembered dreams of the past few weeks...

In a meeting with GWB, arguing with him and his staff, angrily.

Outside a cafe gig during a break, reunite SC and AS. AS asks if it's cool she's there. Sure. I pretend to introduce the two to each other, jokingly and ironically.

At my parents' house, they are out, but there is a dead body of a young woman left by the door. Almost like left for the trash pickup, but this is inside the front door. She is on her knees, slightly slumped/propped against door.

Sequence where I'm watching (possibly a video of) KM play the bass. He's playing a 5 string fretless. Sounds really good.

Sequence with MI, leaving her family's house late at night. We must exit through a window that resembles Manitou Cliff Dwelling doors (narrow, mid-height, tunnel-like.)