Saturday, January 28, 2006


Earlier fragment in which Bob Dylan is somehow involved with the 60's song "Yummy Yummy Yummy I Got Love In My Tummy." Either he wrote it or took the original and added to it/re-arranged it.

I'm at a gig, looks like HP's band is playing a certain notorious song. There's his son doing the second vocal. HP sounds terrible singing. It's a large band, and I seem to now be directing it, so I ask the younger, African-American in the band to sing a certain part. They run through it and he (and the piece of music) now sounds beautiful, though someone else is critiquing his diction.

This becomes a theater piece rehearsal. There's a lot of men and one female lead. Avant-garde. She's forced to strip naked for this scene. Seems kind of gratuitous, especially in an early rehearsal. Her clothes have become a huge pile of naked Barbie dolls. For the scene, she has to sit in the pile and somehow clothe herself with the dolls. A huge afro wig might help this since the dolls get stuck in it. An understudy also is forced to strip nude, seems self-conscious, particularly when she's in the pile and realizing that when she stands up again, no dolls are going to be magically attached to her/covering her. At some point, my parents arrive in town for a visit.

Later, daytime, sort of Santa Monica Blvd, I'm driving MI's Jeep and get pulled over by a cop. I was going through some intersection where a certain dashboard button was supposed to allow me to cross legally, but it didn't work, and I tell the cop so through my window. I'm having trouble stopping the car parallel to his. He gets out and I hear what I assume to be him loudly expressing amazement that the Jeep has over 200,000 miles on it. I tap the door and say "I take good care of it", but then I realize the cop hadn't said it, must have been someone somewhere else in the scene.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Paul McCartney Comic Book

I'm reading someone's complaints on an internet forum. Apparently, each Beatle has his own long-running comic book, and this person is complaining that the Paul McCartney comic hasn't been very interesting in a long time. Specifically, this reader notes that the comic hasn't used the antagonist/foil character "Nordanius Canus" in some time, with boring results (the Lennon comic and Harrison comic are better regarded by this person.) This Nordanus/Nordanius Canus is sort of like a Lex Luthor villain to McCartney's Superman in the comic. Brief glimpse of the comic, Paul looks somewhat similar to his Yellow Submarine cartoon incarnation, and the comic and main character in general have a pseudo-Victorian feel; Paul's home base is a dark, medieval castle. It's apparent that each Beatle's comic book has an entirely different storyline and approach.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Dreamed Artwork

Fragments; SK appears to be preparing some of his art to be displayed. I glanced through it, all on roughly 8" x 11" paper. Slightly adolescent but interesting. The word "1984" is written on one. Another depicts single-propeller planes flying towards the viewer. Another sequence, I'm standing at a desk saying goodbye to someone, trying to infer that this is the last time ever - no real response. I turn to walk away, hiding emotion. Playing the guitar extensively, in another fragment.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Tunnel

In some kind of a subterranean cave tunnel, trying to get through to a certain exit. I'm with this other man in a small open area, when the dim electric lights that go line the tunnel start to flicker. I panic a little about this unforeseen possibility, knowing that if those lights go out, we'll be in total darkness, and may have to feel our way down the passage for who knows how many miles. For a few seconds, I'm frantically looking for a lamp or lighter or anything so we don't get caught in the blackout. But when the lights go out, it's revealed that further down the passage are some concrete stairs leading up, lit by streetlamps from above. I go halfway up the stairs to find a nighttime scene in a deserted parkground area in the suburbs. I'm not as excited to have found an exit as I should be; this doesn't feel like the right one. Nevertheless, I leave the tunnel.

Shortly after, the tunnel exit has become two exits and they resemble the front doors of adjacent NYC borough houses. However, despite that familiar and civilized appearance and feel, these are still the entrances to some unknown underground caverns. I see a teenage boy appear from inside one of the houses, and he's carrying MP. At first there is a general feeling of relief amongst the gathered crowd and myself, as if this indicates some successful rescue, but then the teenager begins to retreat back down the hallway with the cat. I break out of observing role to consciously stop him, opening the screen door and grabbing his arm. I'm successful at rescuing the cat from him, but not before noticing that the boy's arm is in some state of decay, i.e. green and showing bone. Then I notice MI walking away down the hall of the other entrance. She is walking and talking with her dad and too far away to reach.

There was another sequence that involved an appearance by the Incredible Hulk as he appeared on the 1979 TV series. This may be the filming of an episode, but there is a feeling of some actual danger, and in person the makeup on actor Lou Ferrigno looks stranger than it should.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hendrix in the Classroom

I'm in some type of school. I'm waiting in a second room instead of going into my class. Apparently I'm very late; it's about noon. I might have passed the time reading, or just arrived/woke up late. I finally enter my classroom. There is one teacher, tall African-American, walking around the class, instructing. He may be the aide because there is another older teacher up at the desk in front of the class. I go over to this older teacher and make excuses...the aide told me to wait before entering, etc. This teacher just looks at me (while class continues) and says "You just have to be here..." making my reasons look foolish and irrelevant; I simply was not there.

I see the book being studied and get a peek at some of its complex math equations. I feel confident I can catch up, just need to do the work and study. But then the teacher aide starts walking around the room with a guitar performing "All Along the Watchtower." It's not a great version, similar to Hendrix but not quite. His guitar playing is ok but a bit sloppy. Somehow, this is part of the curriculum.

As the song continues, some students (Pete H. included) sit down at the three upright pianos on one side of the room, and they attempt to play along, miserably. Teacher/Hendrix doesn't seem disturbed (to my surprise); instead, he encourages their atonal, accidental explorations and the song falls apart into cacophony. Finally, though I no longer recognize the tune, everyone settles in on a plodding, looping, C# - B - A - B chord progression to end the piece.

At some other point in another location, I get a phone call from Karl, who wants to rap about a movie he just saw (ROTK.) I'm listening to his voicemail message, but then am able to break in and talk to him directly.

P.S. New Year's Resolution: more dream blogging. I've been terribly negligent and have subsequently forgotten many recent dreams that I meant to write down.