Monday, May 12, 2008


Someone, or some group, has stolen a million dollars in cash. Somehow I'm aware of this, and have some connection with the perpetrators. This leads to me and a female accomplice breaking into a large house to steal the cash from the ones who originally stole it. It's a dangerous operation, but it comes off ok. There's a large garage, with an automatic door that we use to escape with the cash (it was hidden in a mattress.)

We are driving away from the house, suburban street, day time, when I realize how much danger we are in if anyone knows we stole the stolen money. Like having the police AND the mob out to get you. Fears are realized when it is revealed that the cash was marked and easily traced. Someone tries to deposit some at a bank, and it is shown how certain number sequences on the various bills (which look more like bank checks) fit with other sequences on subsequent bills. I think about how if the large amount of cash had been 'shuffled' more before this deposit, the sequence wouldn't have been discovered.

There is another sequence involving a million dollars; this time I've won it, split amongst a group. I consider lending some to someone who appears to be in need, and feel somewhat smug, but all this turns out to be a sketchy proposition. This sequence somehow connects to others, one involving a bowling alley and the other, a movie ticket line.

There is a final sequence before waking involving a vampire and the possibility that I myself am also one. One is seen, and then refers to an 'offscreen' master in darkness. These characters seem to be recurring from another recent dream I've had, but on waking, I don't believe that is the case.