Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Beachside Parking Lot Jam

From earlier: At some restaurant, daytime, with family. I go outside to the parking lot to get something from my car. I notice a different car (red) in the spot where I'd left mine. The valet is sketchy and eventually mentions that my car is indeed parked somewhere in [this town's name] so not to worry, and I realize they parked it somewhere very very far away so I get angry, cursing, "I just wanted to get something"...etc.

I notice that the parking lot is right near a small beach, so then I feel foolish that I was impatient, since I can just walk over to the beach; wait and enjoy. I do so. I watch the waves rush in; thoughts too, of California, MI, tsunamis. When I had walked out the door, two female employees were seated outside. Now, they are younger and no longer employees (casual dress.) They are calling me back from the shore, and they use some flute-like instruments to do so. The musical result is the perfectly exact opening to "Watermelon Man" from Herbie Hancock's 1973 record Headhunters (as if I was hearing the record while half-asleep, which I was not.) Eventually the band kicks in (just as on record) so I see a large band playing under/on a patio - Beach Bar vibe. People are complimenting the drummer; I watch him, he's very solid and relaxed - makes it look easy. Someone mentions the drummer is self-taught but is going back to school for music soon. Gig/party is ending, awkward goodbye hugs for all. LIMC people figure.

Later, at parents' house, nighttime after some school function i.e. graduation. MI has also forgotten something in her car out front and goes out to get it. I'm in the driveway and my father is being strangely overly helpful. MI comes back from the car with deep, dried-blood scratches on her face; it seems someone kissed her and scratched/scarred the cheeks badly in the process. We go back up the walkway and this HS teacher whose name I don't recall passes, saying something to me; i'm friendly, feeling popular. MI and I walk up to the front door but it is blocked by a table and some other things placed in some delicate ritual arrangement.