Friday, November 26, 2004

Falling Woman / The Convenient Biographer / Train to the Afterlife

City scene outdoors, daytime. A woman is seen leaping from a skyscraper (reason unknown.) As I watch, a few seconds after the leap, the scene rewinds and starts again - I deduce at the time that this sight is so traumatic that I am already re-living it, but it seems to be happening in real time again. I am able to fly into the air in front of everyone to attempt a rescue. It's unclear if I'm successful - I do catch "something"; might be a ghost.

Another dream, my father tells me that his friend CW is working on a book about Tim Buckley's voice. He has copious notes and sheet music. Two songs are noted on a piece of paper: "I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain" and "Once I Was." CW has apparently also worked on a book about Charles Mingus. I find this all highly suspicious considering my connection, and my father plainly admits the subject choices were "convenient."

Another dream in which I've reorganized the living room furniture much more intelligently and conveniently, but it resembles more my parents' dining room instead of my apartment. I'm able to move the china cabinet by myself with ease, oddly.

There is another sequence in which I'm with family on some type of train, but the train is crossing over into the next life at some juncture and I have to prepare. Not afraid. Done it before, of course. Crossing over, everything remains relatively similar (in train), but psyche now has ability to alter environment in a subconscious way, for better or worse depending on automatic thought processes/mood.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Airport

Much is, as usual, forgotten now but here's the end: Leaving some hotel, in Connecticut possibly; some type of elevator scene. Avoiding some people or capture. Late arrival at airport (although cross sound ferry is also implied), racing with others to catch flights. Over the PA I hear a relevant reference to a flight to "Lake Ronkonkoma." Since the terminal is pretty empty of employees and anyone else, I show my ticket to a helpful woman who is also travelling with us. She tells me, much to my chagrin, that my ticket isn't even a ticket yet, but she knows how to fill it out to make it look real. She does this, signing this and crossing out that - she knows her stuff. As she is illegally doing this, I make known my concern as airport personnel start to hover around. The ticket becomes attached to a bunch of papers with personal writing and pictures on them, and sketches; nothing incriminating relating to the airport ticket forgery, but I'm suspect. An older female 'employee' pulls a sketch right out of my pocket and I protest this boundary invasion. There is a discussion with the crowd around if that act was justifiable; consensus is yes.

Heading outside to plane, it becomes a different scene involving vans, but I join a group sitting in the sunlight at a table. I knock my cap off my head. There is a vaguely Superman motif to my clothing, others may be wearing costumes also. I'm thirsty. I have a bag in which I search for a beverage. I find some grapes, eat one or two and they are tasty and momentarily refreshing.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Dream in D Minor

Not of great interest: a scene in which I'm with musicians, playing bass, being taught this repetitive riff. It is in D minor, pentatonic based, a short motif that goes through minor variations. I hear it over and over and play along, but then decide to play long chords underneath the riff instead, first Bb, then C, etc. Someone is transcribing this and writes the chords as "Bb5" etc. I remember all the music on waking, but it is terribly boring.

There is another exciting sequence in a car, where I find someone who normally does not smoke, smoking a cigarette.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Time Travel

Strange-feeling dream. Time travel. At first I'm able to revisit an overview of years from ten years ago and literally leap from year to year like visual steps, 1993, 1994, etc, or like I'm overhead watching my old self leap/go through in sped-up time. I see my past self do something that I don't expect and haven't remembered correctly since; at some point I take a leap in an unexpected direction. I then feel better knowing now. The sequence of years is depressingly viewed as a series of plateaus to drop onto from above, each lower than the next.

Flash forward to sometime 1995-1996 and I'm in the action instead of watching. Supposed to be Boston, looks nothing like it. There is some route to get somewhere (school?) that is very long and complex that I realize CJ and I used to take, not noticing there was a nearby bridge that would have shortened the journey safely. We are there but vaguely aware we are visiting the past. CJ and I meet up (I figure he will be surprised I made it) at an old ferry that we need to take. I'm surprised there is no crowd and the ticket booth is in a strange place, but I think it must be the hour. Maybe we have to wait before leaving so we step outside into a semi-rowdy nighttime gang/smuggler meeting. CJ (possibly someone else now) starts telling a tall tale/cover story to some people and I back him up, until he goes too far and is caught in a lie. We try to cover for it. I'm questioned, I write off any further detailed questions by saying I've been out of the business for sometime.

The most intense part of the dream follows. Is too personal to fully detail here. I'm able to time-travel, back to my own body, 5 months before certain life changes in the not distant past. Very strange to be back in "reality" instead of imagination. Trying to do things differently, and be more aware. Meeting near train station. In some type of dorm room. Another female knocks on the door, asking someone how some movie/show was, but I'm not dressed. TV is on. I sit down again with the person I've come back to talk to. I say that I've had a terrible vision of the next 5 months and I explain it vaguely. Somehow I've travelled back able to pinpoint the exact moment of change, it has something to do with a dance show on TV, so I say to watch, because it's coming up. Artistic show, but at key point it changes to something I don't expect (even though I am supposedly re-living the past.) I mention Whitney Museum of Art may have sponsored the dance, and say the specifics may not be important, but the moment is. I continue with my fantastic story. She's crying. I start to say something I didn't expect to say, but that makes total sense in the context, but it's scary, and this strange shivering feeling washes over the dream, almost visually, before I get to finish saying it.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Pisces Cafe, Beforehand

Pisces Cafe gig, similar look and feel but venue is more than twice its real size - large performing space. Maryann is there already, she's set up the microphones and stands, but the stands are oversized; they jut out at a right angle for about twelve feet - distance - I make adjustments. Excited to play, people shuffling in - Tom P? Much more is now forgotten.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Heavenly Euphoria and Return

The beginning is regrettably forgotten: Eventually driving a car, and somehow I physically die, quickly approaching a cloudy area that is "heaven". I see it coming and let it hit me. Entering the cloud, the car is gone and there is only disembodied consciousness. There is an INCREDIBLE feeling inside me upon entering (soaring up into) what I believe to be "heaven." Visually there is not much to speak of, but the feeling inside is this intense enveloping euphoria bordering - just magically and happily teetering on - the brink of insane unbearability. I can't go on enough about this feeling. Utter intoxicating ecstacy. However, at this point in the experience I was starting to think it isn't "my right time" and that I should attempt to go back to Earth. The feeling of trying to go back feels similar to trying to wake up. I'm trying to move my body again. Eventually I'm successful and I seem to wake up in my bed, but in reality I was still in a deep sleep. There was a sense of regret leaving that other state, but there is a thought that comes from somewhere to me on returning, "I'll get there sometime."