Friday, February 07, 2003

Magic Candle / Evil Uncle Imposter / The Oral Sex / Deregulation of Reality

Apologies for any avid readers (the few, the insane) that I haven't updated recently. There have been many dreams but no time to write them except in shorthand in a journal. I'll put them up as time permits. But this dream occurred early Wednesday morning 2/5.

I "wake up" in my parents' house; it is mostly dark and empty of people. On the landing near the front door are set a multitude of candles burning, but very eerily there is one candle on a plate floating all around the area, as if by magic. Eventually I rationalize that there must be some great draft wind coming in under the front door to make this happen, but remain unconvinced. The kitchen clock reads one 'o clock, and it is pitch dark out, but I am not convinced it is not possibly 1pm and the sun has been eclipsed or something. Very supernatural feeling to this entire sequence and the ones that follow.

Looking for my parents, out of one dark room walks Uncle Jan - but he is not himself, possibly some demonic personage disguised as Uncle Jan. My parents' bed has not been slept in, I am very cautious and suspicious. More relatives gather in the living room, and I confront fake-Uncle Jan and fight him. Yes indeed, eventually I defeat him by slamming a chicken cutlet into his face. Real Uncle Jan appears from somewhere else and everyone is thankful.

Another place, unknown to me now but where I have just moved in the dream. I try to go upstairs, but the size of the stairway opening is a tiny crawlspace; I ponder how I, or anyone else, got the furniture upstairs. Upstairs there are large windows with ledges, so I assume the windows were removed and items lifted or craned in that way.

In one room with an unknown girl and some guys. The girl and I are at each other's throats, oil and water. There is a song playing I don't like, and I make the sarcastic remark that unless it gets turned off, someone has to perform a sexual act on me. Oddly, she agrees to the latter, and we go into another room and all the hate-tension has been transformed into intense passion and we get into a bed. A couple of the guys sit on the floor to watch, but hide their faces with coats, although later I noticed they have removed them. Some very graphic things go on that will not be described by me here on the internet; this is far too much information already. There is a problem with a condom, but she has another. Suddenly a few people walk in, including NM. I'm a bit embarrassed so I try to hide the prophylactics, but to no avail. NM takes one and toys with it.

The next section takes place at a large store, and patio restaurant. Basically me and a few other men are discussing the strange things that have been happening. Someone has printed out an email that talks about reality beginning to fall apart, entropy, etc. and how things will get stranger and stranger until the end of the world in October of 2003. Some major flaw in the design of the universe. Early effects are noticeable, for example at one point I find a pair of scissors (or similar tool) but instead of having two handles, it has three. Surreal things are happening. I am reminded and speak of my real life idea years ago to write a novel about God 'deregulating' reality, so that there were holes in the space-time continuum, i.e. you might walk into Burger King and find yourself in the Stone Age. I revise the idea in the dream, to the concept that God didn't get creation quite right, and now at the end of times, it is starting to unravel. I joke how "God shouldn't have rested that seventh day" which elicits much laughter from my company. I continue to brainstorm ideas about this book/screenplay, even though the reality of it is already happening or something. I picture a book about the end of the world, the break-down of reality into chaos, and I picture the book would end with the last few pages pure gibberish like mmmm jfruh njrvr okokef f wnfunf hrfuy helpsidh ndjf ijf o f8 nfaj % j etc. etc.

Then at a Jillian's type place, I see JD and I want to talk to her about what is happening with reality's fabric, I want to be with her, comfort her and help her through. I ask her to follow me so we can talk but we end up in this corner where the music speakers are too loud, so she runs off in another direction and I follow. There may be another younger girl following me at this point. At the other side of this complex JD goes through a door, but before I can reach it it gets obscured by other doors and curtains etc. in an oddly symbolic/poetic scene.

I continue to discuss the sudden reality problems and surreal happenings to some friends outside. Other signs of this growing chaos appear; a t-shirt whose image fades immediately when one looks at it, a misshapen jewelry box that someone has, that has odd crooked jewelry in it.

At some point I meet back up with my parents, eventually at their house, though my father may have figured earlier on, in one of the book idea discussions. Oddly but thankfully, JD is back with me and she is impressed to hear their tale; I ask them what happened to them, why they disappeared (see first part of dream.) My father says when the reality shift happened, they were in the dark and he had to guide my mother through, or maybe she guided him, but he was covering her eyes. To get back to where they needed to go, to survive (??) they borrowed money from NS and his father ($450 and $20K, respectively.)

There is one other sequence but I don't know where it fit in, but I am screaming at the top of my lungs at my father and leaving the house.