Monday, November 17, 2003

Chased by the Hulk

In apartment, Bill Bixby as David Banner from Incredible Hulk 70's TV show is there...he wants to prepare me for his Hulk transformation - eyes go white, he flirts with the transformation...I warn him he's going too far - but he does anyway and begins the full transformation - just like on the old TV show, but being there, it's actually quite scary. He (as full Hulk as played by Lou Ferrigno on old show) chases me out and around the block a few times. I try to get back and lock door, fail. At one point he is running by and I freeze behind a car like a statue and fool him, but he sees me shortly after and is about to overtake me on sidewalk (daytime) when dream ends.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The Post-Heist Battle

In my car with JD, with literally billions of cash dollars hidden in countless duplicate items in the backseat. Money is not mine, I'm en route to deposit it for someone or something. JD wants to stop at the store, wants to borrow $20 from the stash, seems ok if returned later. Convenience store is located in underground parking garage. Considering cash in backseat, I make sure all car doors are locked while leaving, but back left door refuses to lock. I check child safety lock to no avail (or logical purpose.) I'm looking around for someone, "Carlo" maybe, who is helping us, who should be around to help and watch the car while we leave. Eventually come upon him in another area of the parking garage, but he is behind a table and is pulling out two semi-automatics and firing in my direction. I duck down and dodge, realizing he's still on my side, he's firing at some enemies approaching from behind.

Becomes all out battle in parking garage/supermarket. Lots of gunfire, but I'm also throwing nearby items at pursuers. Female companion seems to repeat a previous action and verbal comment identically a few seconds after doing it the first time, which jars me into the vague sense that I am dreaming. As usual, my ability to control the dream takes over, I feel more free, and decide to end this senseless battle quickly by shooting two enemy females in the head, and march quickly towards the nearest exit so I can do what I like best when I wake up in a dream, which is fly.

I get to a high ceiling atrium-type entrance area, but am still pursued. I launch into the air, planning on crashing through the atrium glass, but I find instead it is made of some resilient plastic that cannot be smashed. I exit through the main doors instead and renew flight. Outside skyscraper now, decide to do something new: climb up the building's side, Spiderman style. Works nicely, soon extremely high up, but decide this is the best place to confront any fear of heights. There is another real Spiderman type on the side of the building and we engage in a spectacular mid-air battle that, as I comment to myself during, rivals any imagined in a comic book.

Later, playing on stage at an outdoor, daytime rock festival. I threaten to smash guitar many times but am only teasing audience it seems.