Monday, April 28, 2003

Alien Abduction

First part I remember is at my parents' house, my father is away. My mother is making some food, I'm very hungry. Too much bread.

Downstairs watching TV with mother, while food is cooking. Old Robin Williams standup special is on - he is dressed as "Mork" and makes a lot of early 80's references. Strange shot of an audience member making bizarre facial reactions to RW that seem contrived and surreal; intense. Cut back to RW - speaking nonsense, awkward halting movements and near-backwards jibberish talk. Audience seems to see humor in this. RW makes strange faces that soon become absurd and impossible - cartoonish distortions of face size and malleablity, a la Beetlejuice film or somesuch. Eventually RW's head more or less combusts (cheap sci-fi effect) on screen to reveal a strange robotic structure that resembles a small factory (form also still suggests facial features.) I consider mentioning out loud that clearly this is no longer a live performance, as we must be seeing some special effects and animation. Things get cosmic. Bizarro RW backdrop is outer space - then I'm shooting up into cosmos.

Only reference point for next sequence is 2001: A Space Odyssey. Galaxies are coming to life before eyes; stars, planets. Strange music plays to comfort me. There is some type of "Star Child" being born - but is more of a cross between a featherless newborn bird and human fetus - coming to life. Birth is in some sort of egg and numerous jet-black colored specimens of the same species are pushing in from the outside of egg membrane. This appears to be ok, natural; conception comes to mind.

Somehow this segues into an imaginary deleted scene (not from reality) from the Beatles film "Help." It is a scene that would take place at the start of the film but chronologically should take place after actual film's ending. The head of the cult is being prepared and put on the table to be sacrificed. I remark, now back on Earth, that this Beatles film must have been on the same tape or channel as the RW special - but am still somewhat shocked at the middle "cosmic" sequence that seamlessly linked the two.

Strange sequence follows, not much is remembered except what is described to someone else in the next sequence. But there are a lot of things going on in the dark and possibly I've been beaten to a pulp.

Now on the run, because "nowhere is safe." Decide to sleep in car near police station, safest place I can imagine. Long-haired cops take me however. I end up telling my story of the past two days to a female detective (first African-American, later Asian) in a private room at the station with a long table. She is a detective/psychologist, appropriately, because I feel the need to start off by telling her that I am not on drugs and am not crazy, but that something happened to me, people are following me and trying to kill me. I have little evidence and she doesn't seem to buy the conspiracy theory. She asks if I was raped, I basically say yes since I have no way else to describe the cosmic beating that happened to me in any realistic human terms. She asks why I didn't come forward sooner. I say the experience happened two days ago and I've been on the run hiding ever since, and now here I am.

THEN, she goes to a blackboard and writes/draws an explanation so esoteric and bizarre that at first I wonder if she is being sarcastic and mocking me, but it seems to be for real. Her not-exactly-stated explanation is that I've been abducted by aliens. She draws a picture of an alien face and surrounds it with words, i.e. what the aliens were taking from me ("wisdom", etc.) She draws an atmospheric map and even plots a rough trajectory and explains that this is the path the "visitors" use to come down to earth. I nearly remark on its similarity to the rainbow bridge from Asgard to Earth in Norse mythology, but she calls the "bridge" by a strange unknown name.

As she continues with the chalkboard, I look to my right and seated there is "someone" wearing a light grey sweatsuit with the hood up. However, there is no body in the top half of the body, but in the lap, hands tap a rhythm and there are clearly legs in the pants. I'm stunned and horrified at this apparent continuation of strange events, and scream for the female detective to turn around and look (hopefully this will prove my case, that something strange is going on.) But when she finally turns to look, the sweatsuit is placed like a person on the chair but there is definitely no one in it and there are no signs of life. I surrender to the possibility that I must be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia as nothing else can seem to explain all these strange happenings. She suggests medication but it frightens me even more, as I wonder how they can possibly cure me without possibly making these hallucinations worse.

Her immediate prescription is not, however, medication, but rather, a vinyl copy of Mahavishnu Orchestra's "Birds of Fire" record - i.e. this should help me...I examine the back cover and pathetically mention that I have already had this record for some time, in some vain attempt to show that I know something about anything and haven't been too far off track. The back cover shows the names of songs, some of which are true to life i.e. "One Word" and some of which are not i.e. "Candy." The detective is looking out the door at the clock and trying to get me out. I ask for a few more seconds of clarifications; she answers about how I should avoid listening to the last few tracks on the record as they are "bonus tracks" and were never meant to fit into the original "healing" scheme of the work.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Brando's Raccoon

Watching a movie on TV; Woody Harrelson's character is being interviewed in a luxurious office with a long table by Marlon Brando. It is also kind of class oral report, WH is reading from something. Brando asks him to sing the rest of an answer. I look for the script to re-read this strange sequence, only to find it must have been improvised.

Now I am working for some large department store, Brando is theoretically the boss. Tom and friends have allowed some animals in; eventually it's a raccoon and a possum. The raccoon attacks me as I reach the top of an escalator, the possum also nears. I sympathize with the animals; they don't belong here. Sequence where I scold Tom and then decide to get the animals out. I go back to the escalator and find the raccoon; it is sitting in the last of these long line of potted plants near the escalator. A woman is standing dangerously close to it so I move her. I need a plan; I take a shopping cart and try to figure out how I can get the raccoon into it. Only then I notice that the top part of the cart is filled with a pile of dachshunds and small dogs - at this point I realize I definitely should be working in this pets area from now on, I have a knack for it. I move the cart to the other side of the area and wonder if someone was shopping for dogs with it.. Each potted plant seems to have some animal in it.

There is another sequence about large mechanical beetles than crawl down and fix clogged plumbing.

There is brief nightmarish sequence with Agent Dale Cooper and Sheriff Truman from Twin Peaks out in the woods.