Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Human Tower / Israeli Girl / Roller Coaster / Asleep at the Wheel

Earliest part I remember is being in the audience at some assembly/concert in CHS auditorium. At times, I appear to be in a balcony. Some teachers come out and attempt to create a human tower: standing on each others' shoulders in order to nearly reach the ceiling. They almost make it (four teachers high) but then sway and fall forward. Audience is breathless, but fall is silent and graceful, teachers fall as if lifeless and flexible; but they're ok. There is a little girl behind me who has her back to me who begins to play a role in the story.

At some point I'm driving around with the little girl (age 7-9?) as she has possibly gotten separated from her parents and I'm trying to help her. She begins talking about how Israel is right, in that "it's not [the Palestinians'] land!" She's speaking loudly out of a sunroof, and we seem to be stopping at a Nazi checkpoint so I begin to worry and tell her to be quiet.

Eventually she is missing and I'm without the car. I'm near the water, asking some people who live nearby for help/directions. I have a general feeling of comfort with this area and these people. I'm trying to plot the quickest way to get back to a certain road. At some point, an "atom bomb" is referred to.

There is another sequence where I'm in a combination railroad car/roller coaster, feeling very anxious. I realize the root of my anxiety is that, out the front window, I cannot see the bottom due to the extreme decline (we are high up, roller-coaster style.) I try and reassure myself that this is ok, i.e. just because I can't see the bottom doesn't mean trouble.

At some point, I'm suddenly driving in the car on a mostly-empty highway, which I recognize at the time doesn't make sense, since I thought I was on a train. I realize I must have been sleeping and dreaming, while driving, and I'm amazed but also panicked that I've survived driving while sleeping for who knows how long. Where am I? I try to take control of the vehicle, but some strong unseen force seems to guide it over to the left and everything slowly fades to black.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

The Backup Singers with Fake Beards / Computer Canvas

Trying to catch up here, and note some interesting dreams over the last few weeks...

Setting up at some kind of club show, with a band. Band includes PJF with lots of old gear i.e. Roland D-50. Someone (sound guy) wants to sound check, but holds guitar and changes amp settings. I'm getting increasingly upset. Breaking point reached and "I'm out", not doing show, I say. RH is there, sitting, very upset, saying if I pull out this time I'll never get another gig. I'm unmoved. Show starts. I'm sitting with PJF on some long vinyl couches near stage - stage is nice, good sound system. PJF voices my regret, asks if maybe we can still play a set. I'm negative, I believe it's too late in the evening.

Band is playing, and they have some cavalcade of girls coming from a side entrance to join them on stage: back-up singers. Supposed to be attractive, but they come out and they are older, acne-riddled, pock-marked, rosacea etc. Two of them are particularly old and short and sport bad auburn colored fake beards on their faces, long as if they are wigs.

Another sequence where I'm in some kind of art class that BP is running, and I haven't been there in a while, and that's my excuse why I didn't bring some new brushes/materials. I watch someone near me drawing/painting, and they seem to be able to manipulate the image digitally at the same time, like the canvas has a computer type interface at the bottom.