Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Bee Aquarium and the Dire Wraith / Method Singing

Sorry for the long wait. I'll be better.

In my apartment, walking around living room...there is an large aquarium in the middle of the room. When in the bedroom, I realize I was wrong to remove the glass and mesh grating from the top, because - the aquarium was full of bees that have been escaping for the past five minutes. I attempt to reclose the aquarium. I am stung many times, but it doesn't hurt that badly; I'm kind of glad it happened because then I know there isn't much to be afraid of.

Later, at my parents' house, evidence of a break-in: impossbly large animal droppings accompany back door clues. Hmm. Burglar is not human, possibly a dire wraith from the comic book ROM I read twenty years ago. (Dire wraiths were scary red aliens that were slightly sluglike and had psychic/mystic powers. They penetrated the victim's brain with a long thin acidic tongue and sucked the life out of them, and were able to assume to victim's shape.)

A dire wraith is indeed seen creeping up the stairs inside, but somehow we all (family) end up downstairs. I opt to go up and battle it, bringing poker from fireplace as weapon. Wraith now resembles girl, she pleads innocence; I feel foolish and offensive brandishing weapon. However, she lies down on couch and begins to change: mutating, melting, turning greenish, then red, burning, smoking; it's a horrific display right out of the Exorcist. I lunge and stab creature with poker but it's futile; monster has become supernatural. I go downstairs to warn family - my voice is strangely deep and gruff. I tell them to flee - that the intruder is supernatural in origin, nothing we can do here. They flip out, incomprehensible panic. My father sees the ghostly intruder now moving through the ceiling and wall, out of my vision; my father says that's "illegal"; an odd way of saying it's against man's understanding of nature's laws.

Another short dream much later, in my apartment, talking to someone (possibly FS) about a song I'm supposed to be singing later. I'm getting in the shower and want to think about the part (I don't want to sing in the shower however.) I ask FS about the song, what's my motivation. I mention how I love Scorsese/DeNiro collaborations because you really get the sense that DeNiro's bugging Scorsese all the time about character and motivation, and it's the same thing with music. I can sing it straight, or I can do it "in character." Etc.