Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Pretzel and the Arab Boy

George W Bush has some type of 'pretzel'-type incident; lets press know he did not mean to scare the nation.

Questions about Iraq war justification lead to scene of Iraq bombing site. The US government has posters up of a now deceased Iraqi; using as a fear tactic to locals - "made an example of."

Arab boy rising from rubble, alive. I'm concerned to help him but I realize the danger, and he has submachine gun. I run with an identified person around a corner to avoid bullets, arrive in parking lot and dodge through parked cars. More bullets are fired, am able to elude injury, action dies down.

At some point there is a Koran, but the 'r' in Koran is replaced with an arrow symbol.

Monday, June 16, 2003

The Matrix Hotel / Ghost Jacket / Conscious Dreaming Into Space

This is a long one, but it pays off.

On some type of extended field trip, college-related, staying in some large hotel complex. Wood paneling. Hotel so expansive, it has its own movie theatre. I go to see new Matrix movie. Kyle MacLachan stars (dressed in black, shades.) Discussion about previous film's characters being robots/programs. I am in the scene, though not of it, able to move around in scene but still watching "movie." Bad guy/Agent Smith-type (very powerful) comes into scene, into elevator with other characters. He immediately shoots up through the roof of elevator in wait of rising lift. Then he magnetically drops down metal links to quickly build cages around Kyle and other protagonist in elevator. I am in the scene, but am still able to move more freely, being just a spectator. However, my capture is also attempted.

Second scene with bad guy firing guns at us; like in Matrix films, this happens in slow-motion and I'm able to dodge the bullets, but one grazes my knee and I feel pain - which is odd since I'm still under the impression I am just watching the film in the hotel theater. I decide to leave theater to evaluate situation and possibly return later.

Later, after encountering some characters from my past and from television (this dream overall is way too long to record here), I try to return to the Matrix film, since I had paid my ticket. But that entrance area is blocked by the filming of a new TV show, a Let's Make A Deal type game show, Bob Barker type host, in hotel lobby/conference area. Many celebrities are in attendance. Eventually the crowd becomes a packed wedding reception for a friend who is not identified. DM appears with high-school era mullet haircut. CM is there, resembling an elf at first, but engages me in conversation. He is a little angry about some things he heard that I had said ten years before, though I try to suggest that that evidence is dubious to begin with. But I try to explain my supposed previous comments to CM. I warn him that this "may sound pseudo-philosophical." But I go on that "THIS is now, everything before this moment is sinking away, like the Titanic; it HAD to be that way. There are always some (free-will) choices but things that have happened happen as part of the circle of life" etc. The analogy is taken further, that the past as such should not focused on, i.e. in music, old forms (pop music) should evolve, though they have not.

CM seems nearly convinced, but later confronts me with some comment I had made about livestock not feeling pain when slaughtered for human consumption, that that was also part of the circle of life etc. So I confess to CM that if I had ever said that, I was totally wrong; the animals do suffer, wrongly. Around this time there is some image, of a telephone, the buttons have anomalies after a certain point, i.e. 6 and 7 are on the same button.

There is at some other point a scene where I am seated at a large table talking with a man who is a priest figure (no uniform.) He has a small stack of communion wafers in his hands, and does a trick on the table where by placing his hand over them, he is able to make them levitate - but I see the black string that he is using to perform this simple hoax. He asks me to try and I try to catch the string with my pinky so I can also do this. He scolds me for trying too quickly without thinking my aim through. I then am able to do it, albeit imperfectly.

There is one more scene where I am moving through another hotel area, and there are some doctor's patient tables. Some tables are empty, others have patients and doctors at them. I make a joke to JM; one bed appears to have two orange dolphins lying in it, peering out from under a cover.

I go back into the wedding reception scene and a huge line is formed; one that appears to be (regrettably in this case) circular, with no beginning or end, it is indeed the line for the food buffet but it spans many rooms and hundreds of people. Eventually I find a way to fit into the line. It leads to a large vent in the wall with large slats that each person must climb through. I find it a bit difficult, my legs feel weak. There are helpers who adjust the slats to help each person through. Beyond it is a brief tunnel. I get through and there is a short old African-American man in a beat up sports jacket attempting to shine my shoes. Though he appears to be employed by the hotel, I still feel this is pretty degrading so I don't let him, and my shoes are suede or something anyway, so he only pretends to shine them.

THEN...he disappears and only his supernaturally-animated sports jacket remains, floating and flying through the air. I can't believe this, similar to superconsciousness/alien activity of a previous dream (sweatsuited - ghost dream.) I am nearly speechless but I ask JM if she is also seeing/believing this. Then I "take control." I am gaining awareness of dream, so I command the jacket to come to me. It flies into my arms with surprising speed and force. It is loose again, there appears to be a lightbulb at the heart of the open jacket, like a symbolic / cheap special effect "soul" or heart, which becomes incendiary and then the jacket flies around wildly. I command "THIS STOPS NOW!", aware that I am in control of the scene.

The scene changes to my parents' house, the den; house is empty except for an unidentified woman who watches me. I am completely awake and conscious of the dream. I examine my arm and hand, which seems to shift and change size with bubbling volatility. I immediately decide, as I do in every conscious dream perhaps, to go outside and fly. I run to the front door and open it, the sky is sort of painted fleshy pastel reminiscent of post-impressionism. This is a brief glimpse because when I do fly it is again with sudden force and I shoot up into space.

"Up there" I lose conscious control as I watch some sort of show on a stage. It appears to be a happy/staged reunion between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in front of an audience. Gorbachev is not real, he is a 'something else,' wearing a large Disney-type costume that resembles Gorbachev. Large red eyes on costume. A spaceship tries three times to 'get up' or through some opening, only seen on third time when it has trouble manuevering and gets 'caught' on something.

The descent from space is fast and literally cartoonish - Daffy Duck meets Porky Pig type of cartoon descent. Cartoon angels with harps on clouds help me down; one makes a lewd comment to me to 'deflate' my situation. Nearing earth, me/cartoon considers smashing part of civilization vengefully on landing, but stop right before hitting and land softly in cartoon manner instead; psyche out.

"Awakening" in a hotel bed with cover up to face. I see a policeman at window about to knock with night stick; he must see me through window also, can't hide. Concerned and think of plan to bide some time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Caught in a half-sleep state, and trying unsuccessfully to wake up. Think I've woken up, am walking around the apartment, but things are different, my hair is dyed and the color distribution changes moment to moment. Attempt to determine if this is dream or reality by focusing mind in certain way but - I'm fooled by dream, into concluding it is real. Attempt to float over floor by jumping and 'missing' i.e. not landing, with little success, tried that because have been able to float/fly consciously in many other dreams. Rest is forgotten at moment, but will attempt to write to this journal more often in hopes of regaining memory power.