Friday, May 09, 2003

Stairway to Heaven

Similar to the film "Jacob's Ladder", main character is me/Tim Robbins. Final death scene is played out but different than film. Boy comes to take me/TR up symbolic stairway, but boy wears train conductor's hat. At first landing where stairway turns to left, boy turns and faces, disappears. I continue, at top of stairs is a middle-aged conductor type taking tickets. Room beyond him is dark. I turn around, back on landing there is a TV showing (unknown) faces from memories. I see possibility of remaining on this threshold indefinitely, ghost-like, to keep in touch with people from past. I decide to see what lies ahead and think "God should be more than enough" and go forward.

On waking, in half-sleep state I attempt to go back to this dream and explore the room beyond train conductor. It is very dark with a window open on the far side to a deep blue night sky.