Saturday, October 30, 2004

Return to HS

In some sort of hotel event area, possibly for some type of reunion. Lots of people sitting around me having fun. I am very excited to see CD - place arm around him. DA shows up with similar looking partner (resembles him.) CD mocks. Instruments come out. Eventually in side hall outside high school band room. Looking for PB - is not seen in dream. I go into band room to watch the young kids rehearse. In the side room, there is a group of kids playing snare drums in a drum corp rehearsal. In order to get up past the main band podium, I have to undo some type of small fence and then re-attach it.

I'm lead into another side room by a young African-American girl (possibly D.) She can dance (hip-hop/MJ style) and wants to show me. I'm into it; bust some moves. Some people (construction types possibly) emerge from other room and we have to return to main room. D is upset. I wonder how this looks i.e. my fault.

At first a female teacher is leading the band, but soon it is an unidentified male. He makes bitter asides and comments in between music passages. He refers to a period in the 90's when nothing musical could be done without the approval of police - generally "the man is keeping him down" kind of stuff. No one else seems to care but I give him affirming nods in support.

Later, I'm in the back of a school bus. AH is there, talking about at first his divorce, and then later someone else's, and his advice on the matter. He refers to some type of coffeehouse or confectionary, pronounced like Choco-lomo or something.

Even later, a band gig with SBK. Singer not quite Aly. Argument with her. Apparently, the owners are mad because earlier I was concerned that there was a problem with the money (i.e. our fee.) Mid-set, I re-assert concerned position, saying I'm happy to leave right now if we're not getting paid. I'm wrapping up cables, eager to leave.

Another night: dream in which email arrives that JD wants me to meet her on 11/1 at midnight. At first, I'm excited; then near-waking, relieved it was a dream after processing some new information.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Stupidity Tries

Probably the most depressing dream I've ever had, both content-wise and feeling-wise (these two are not always congruent in my dreams.)

At the end it's twilight and in my parents' driveway, people are loading up a car for a long trip. I say something very strange and make an hysterical joke of it, and this signals to others that I am off balance and beyond help. My parents are in the front seat (not sure who is in back) and the car is idling waiting to leave. I am trying to catch their attention so I can wave goodbye and show that I'm ok. I don't get their attention; they are either ignoring me, have forgotten about me, or assume that I've left.

I walk up to the front door, and the mailbox is somehow also a CD player. I shut off the music it was playing crystal clear: Elliott Smith's song "Stupidity Tries." In the mailbox there is a magazine with me on the cover with a reference to something I've been thinking about doing. I'm shocked because I don't know how they found out before I got to do it. Someone gets out of the car for a minute for some reason, possibly my mother, and I hope they see me but they do not and the car pulls away.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Hanging with Superman

Nighttime, outside near corner of M. Drive, Superman (played by Chris Reeve) has offered to take me flying. Very excited. It's a wondrous experience and while we go fast we don't go too far above the ground, strangely - at one point a truck is coming towards us and I wonder if we will clear it. The whole time it seems I have the 12-string strapped around me, and during the flight at one point I have to adjust it more comfortably, letting go of Superman for a second. Surprisingly this works out ok. At certain points I realize how strange this all must look to others seeing it. We are landing and some guy asks Superman how he feels about his favorite McDonald's meal. Surprisingly Supe is positive. The man begins talking about his favorite when he spots the one Superman liked on a drive-thru menu.

Later, Superman is sad after being asked about what it is like to travel at super-speeds (i.e. turning back time speed) I'm surprised to hear it is not at all physically comfortable to him - analogous to motion sickness perhaps.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Rescue / Another Show

First thing remembered is rescuing a girl (changing identity, SK?) from a house in Commack from some angry big man (possibly JR with long hair.) Running into house next door, part neighbor's house/part dorm. Looking around, realizing that this is the girl's room, she's collecting her most important stuff, so I realize that angry man will probably look here first; have to escape - but too late. Man/JR is running into house. Doesn't know I'm involved yet, I duck down behind bed and, hardly believing myself, stick foot out at last second to trip man up. Somehow, even though I'm not sure I make contact, it works. He falls, I pick up mattress and throw it on top of him. Looking for weapons, nothing good, but I'm considering using some harmless stuff around, out of panic. Instead, I run out of room. JR has an accomplice, random guy, doesn't seem to want to hurt anyone or do much - he lets me run past, down stairs.

Running across lawn outside, see JR, and accomplice finally takes off after me. I feel like I am running hard, but he is closing in just walking briskly - my confidence is shaken. Somehow we strike up a conversation. He's been working on some rap lyrics and he busts a few. I recognize them as some of CD's old lyrics, so I'm able to join in, much to his pleasant surprise. I'm not sure at this point who ripped off who, but it's making me a friend so I don't care. We talk about his writing and his plans. I'm looking for my car in the street, still to escape, but realize we've walked in the wrong direction, so I have to pass by house again (JR still out front) hoping to be ignored, and am, successfully.

Later sequence, start of some show (HS and LI figures, figure.) This sequence, I now remember, starts when accomplice (from previous part) and I reach a building, and I've got my Roland JC-120 amp, and he is moving it and he accidentally breaks off the fuse, and I'm upset. He's sorry, but I make him realize how bad this is before a gig - impossible to fix. This is all used as further ammunition to save me from his original plan to capture me and bring me back to JR - works.

Soon I'm putting a smaller brown amp together with other performers' stuff - VB is also performing, he wants me to move the amp so he can get at his stuff, and we chat. He says "You won't believe who I got for Mr. L" I realize, when he continues "$100", he means he's got Mr. L to accompany him for the show, cheaply. I've got bubble gum in my mouth and can't answer him, chewing waiting to clear...jokingly talk through bubble gum - gobbledygook. I try to pull pink gum out of mouth but some remains in mouth still, stretching, attached like pizza strands. On waking, I realize the feeling I was feeling in the dream was a very dry throat in reality.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Lesson with Belew

Had a guitar lesson with Adrian Belew. Unfortunately I forgot my guitar, but told him I wanted him to tell me about his songwriting process cause I also write songs, and I complimented his lyrics and melodies (i.e. "One Time.") He seemed pleased. I remembered the Hamer guitar was in my trunk so I went out to get it at some point. By the time I got back, the teacher was someone else, but now I've forgotten who it was.