Monday, March 07, 2005

The Invasion / The Flood / The Tunnel

Standing inside near a back porch, cross between parents' house and the F's house. Tom is down in yard with unknown others; they spot something apparently frightening in the sky behind the house, out of my vision. I'm afraid to look, but I move forward onto deck so I can turn around and see also. Smoke trails in sky - missiles? No, planes with enemies parachuting down like in Red Dawn. Full-scale invasion. Run inside to tell family, but realize I was dreaming vision (I imagine I've woken up.) I'm telling the story conscious that I'm going on nervous dream-energy i.e. total panic but feel justified because I've only just "awakened."

Some details are forgotten, but the surprising thing that happens is that, long after I think I've woken up from the invasion dream and "forgotten" its content, I step outside the building into the street to find armed enemy soldiers walking the streets rounding certain people up. I'm told to get back inside and I do so.

Later, I'm looking out a side upstairs window seeing massive flooding. A bus (later a smaller utility pickup truck) is being thrashed around, floating in the driveway. At one point I look out the window again and do not see the high water, but then it returns at a later glance.

Then I'm outside in a car (Mercury?) also trapped in the flood, although it is less of a flood eventually, and more just some sort of forces toying with the car. The truck from earlier is finally washed toward houses and it does some damage. My father is in the front seat, I tell him to get into the back and somehow save his life by doing so. The current (water or invisible) is now pulling the car out the driveway and down the block. I try the emergency break to no avail. I try shifting into Park only to find there is no Park option (I notice 1st gear and Neutral, however.) We are moving down the road, pulled by unseen forces.

There is another sequence that involves a strangely truncated physical symbol of the distance from here to California. It's like a (relatively) short tunnel i.e. 30 feet, extremely narrow and misshapen that I need to go through to find myself on the other coast.