Monday, July 26, 2004

WTC / Cell Phone Anomalies / Subterranean Dwellers

A very long bizarre sequence that had a different energy than usual; more "real." Walking down a city street with a group of people (family/friends.) Someone has some strange powder...I ingest some. I experience an unreal feeling yet am still present. I remark how now "all I can hear are the people talking on the top of the World Trade Center. " Although in the dream, the buildings are still standing, and the people up there are just conversing, I realize this remark may be somewhat disturbing, so I quickly change it to refer to the Empire State Building. Regardless, the idea is that somehow my perceptions are heightened, so that I can hear over great distance.

We enter some other previously unknown area/dimension of Earth, underground settlements of relatively hi-tech construction (i.e. steel) populated by humanoid creatures who all look identical. It is hard to describe them except to say their upper halves are fleshy yet distended/distorted, but each is identically shaped to the others. They move around more like unthinking antibodies in a system than intelligent individual people. At some point my father is taken into another area for questioning or something. On a bus, I have my cell phone; try to get help. Somehow my cousin's number is already speed dialed, so I figure that might do, but putting the phone to my ear, I hear every conversation he and I ever had on that phone, going on all at once. So it is not of any help, though it is momentarily fascinating.

Generally, there is a real sense of passing into another world from which there is no returning. Later, there is another reference to "a top of a building", which I note at the time as both odd and portentous.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Moviehouse Fireball / Guitar Repair Desk / The Hit

Long, earliest part forgotten, though at some point later during the dream, I recounted the whole earlier part in my head.

In a theater with parents and sister, possibly others. Huge fireball, raging fire on other side of theater in small, windowed room adjacent. Immediately we get up to flee out other side exit. We escape, I'm checking my pockets to find that somehow I've lost my wallet and my phone. In car, I'm upset about this, but then later I check pockets again to find that they are back.

In some sort of bustling office building lobby, there's a triangular counter that people line up and clamor around. I have the Hamer guitar with me - was supposedly repaired there, but there is still a buzzing problem so I've brought it back. When I finally get up to an older lady working, I explain the problem, showing the paper I needed to wedge under the G string (I notice nothing under the high E - this all is from reality, gigs last weekend, but different guitar.) She agrees and I hand over the guitar, she says it will be ready...and I jump in "today?" but she's saying "tomorrow." I'm non-plussed, then she says they'll charge me again ($80?) and I'm outraged. Yelling aloud and such, "ridiculous." But doesn't help. A strange hippie type, blond haired security guard kid comes to stand near me. I picture the head of the company (SK?) and consider calling him, but don't have the number, consider calling KK to get it.

Eventually the room clears a bit, generally the story and place changes. There's a message for me that someone wants to see me downstairs. I begin to descend the large, high, open circular staircase cautiously - bad feeling about this. I see some characters from the past. I reach the bottom. Some people see me and signal to someone sitting out of view - bad feeling about this, feel like I'm getting marked. Eventually it's EH and RG that approach me, but I'm backing up the stairs to top. EH looks severely beaten, prison-style, but ironically remarks that I "look good". Possibly sarcastic, fore-shadowing. Top of stairs. EH seems to have RG under his control out of fear, tells RG to take it out and do it or he'll be killed. RG pulls out gun and immediately fires at me a few times, hitting me as I try to run. I must be hit at least 7-8 times. Definitely not going to survive this experience, I start thinking about forgiveness, maybe verbally forgiving RG for doing whatever he was forced to do, since there's no way out for me. Close up shot in the chest - death. I'm seeing it from an outside perspective, body is somewhat decomposed, but cleanly.
Credits roll. Watching the credits, I see option to start again when I'm ready, i.e. next life. I choose other option and wake up.

Relevant Quotes

"The dream reveals the reality which conception lags behind." - Franz Kafka

"Overall, dreams are not very marketable. Experienced during sleep, they’re one of the few human activities left that can’t be bought or sold. " - Norman Solomon

Friday, July 02, 2004

Jeff Buckley

Recently thought about a old dream that the late Jeff Buckley featured in, so it does not surprise that he featured heavily in this one.

Hanging out with Jeff and an unidentified female, at night, first in a parking lot, then staying over in this combined museum/house. Buckley has a lot of energy, occasionally somewhat childish, expecting others to cater (literally, at one point demanding a special breakfast meal) to his whims, but overall the mood of the dream is really light-hearted and playful. We are having a care-free blast, pulling pranks on the female and acting frantic - like an adolescent sugar rush.