Monday, July 09, 2007

The Biggest Tongue in Dreamland

In a house, I'm eager to cut off some of my hair (hair style circa nearly 20 years ago...) I enter the bathroom with scissors and begin cutting. Somehow this progresses to cutting off the literal tip of my tongue, which at the time doesn't seem too destructive - more cosmetic. But I make a second more tragic cut too far, and there is severe damage - blood and loss of form; some major vessel has been cut. The bleeding stops to reveal the truncated tongue, with a hole in it (or two) revealing where the vessel should have continued on. Oddest of all, this depressing tongue (that was a pun) modification causes it to intermittently expel small bursts of flame, which I must douse within my mouth. Great anxiety and concern...sense of all being irretrievably damaged. Then thinking of confessing problems to someone knowledgable...problems go back many, many years...

[Awakening - terribly disturbed by dream. Very odd synchronicity on logging in after waking, however: my spare copy of B. Kliban's The Biggest Tongue in Tunisia sold during the night on]
After over a year hiatus, I've decided to return to the dream blog. I've also decided to turn comments on. Be kind.