Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Revenge of Miles Davis

Long dream involving PF, eventually on my parents' lawn. Miles Davis is there - PF makes an insulting reference to James Brown in front of Miles, and Miles is furious. There is seen an old black & white photo of James Brown, and Miles (early 1960's era) is shown in the crowd trying to get close to him, like a real fanatic.

Miles calls PF out, takes off shirt and is ready to throw it down in the street. PF makes excuses ("You're four feet tall...") but eventually gets into it. I just watch, not feeling any responsibility. Miles is dangerously built, though somewhat strangely, and swinging like the boxer he was. PF is backing up away from his swings. Soon some kind of farm combine is used by PF for attack, and tractors and cars start to enter the picture. Later, Miles is in the back seat of a car driven by friends and they are tearing up my parents' lawn and the neighbors' where the fight took place. I go by the parked car window and plead, saying it's not my parents' fault. Miles is eventually a white female in the backseat, I think. Eventually my parents get home; I forget the rest.

Friday, September 03, 2004

The Attacker, the Policeman, and the Conscious Dream Communication

Sequence where I am walking at night; parents nearby with car. Someone starts walking with me, seems to think I'm someone else - someone he wants to kill. We are walking briskly as he threatens; seems deadly. At some point, somehow, he actually kicks me in the head while walking. There is no desire to fight him (or hope of winning.) Hope to draw him away from my parents. He fears being caught, eventually fleeing past an old policeman into a subway station. The old man pretty much lets him run by. I am very angry at this; cop makes belligerent excuses. I'm walking by and mutter vulgar insults about police department. My father arrives, oddly in full police uniform, but he is also upset. He chalks it up to the idea that "men join the force all eager to be policemen but then they stock up the higher ranks with liberals" i.e. this old man who let criminal go.

At an earlier point, massive fight with my father at parents' house - I am told to move out. It takes me a moment to remember I don't live there any more anyway, and I feel better after loudly reminding everyone of this.

There is another sequence where I am suddenly completely aware I'm dreaming. Everything feels very real - matter seems to have real substance. I'm on a dark top floor of an old city building. I open the window - the handle feels quite real strangely, and resembles school classroom window. It is dreary outside. I shout something (I forget what) out the window to announce my dream-awareness and I note it comes out slightly garbled - implying it is difficult to make conscious acts in the dream world. I am quickly thinking of what dreams I wish to have, since I am now in control, mind turns to certain people and dream ends.

Abandoned France Trip / The Defeatery Eatery

Possibly at parents' house about to embark on family trip to France. Print-out plane tickets resemble movie tickets. Last minute, I've decided not to go.

Previous night, dream Maryann has slept over at my parents' house; holds cat in downstairs hallway in strange manner. Later, vaguely humorous phrase "Defeatery Eatery" comes into play, possibly as bizarre song lyric, or joke name for some sort of (depressing) indie coffeehouse.