Monday, July 14, 2008

The Village Honors, Elvis Intervenes

I'm in some kind of native village; many, many locals around because today is some type of ritual day. It turns out I'm one (the only non-native) of many who are to be part of some ancient rite of passage ceremony today. It's a great honor apparently, but I'm just trying to get up to speed today. I'm running late for this outdoor gathering when I realize I don't have some totem/artifact that all the other initiates are bringing to the event. I run around and find a nice woman in the market to put together one fast for me. It's sort of a combination of fruit and a folding chair, folks. I realize I have a little time, though I'm late, because there is some music to be performed before the actual ceremony starts.

Finally I'm running to get to the big crowd, but I'm stopped on the way by Elvis. Waylaid is the more appropriate term. He says I need to complete a few tasks for him right then and there, but I'm anxious because of my other important engagement.