Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bad Dudes and a Raging Bull

In some large old house with many other peers, first part is forgotten. Eventually I'm in a room with a few other men and I hear that there may be some invasion of some kind. I immediately hide; no one else does, either they don't take it seriously or they are confused or too fearful to move. Unfortunately, the threat is real. Hiding in a small dark room with some others, eventually the door is opened by a man with a gun who (with others) is taking all the people in the building hostage. We are separated from the women, and forced to sit on the grass outside. There is some terrorizing, i.e. the women are particularly frightened by some gruesome activity revealed by the bad guys (who are all white, 30s.) "Gruesome" entails dismembered bodies, possibly including Lucille Ball's, the sheer audacious horror of which causes some women to scream. Other than that stuff, the bad guys are not so bad, in fact there's immediately some Stockholm Syndrome going on. I ask to use the bathroom and am allowed to go up to the top of the house, the roof in fact, where some young kids are playing. There is some fantastic ending sequence to this whole scene, but it is forgotten. Somehow I escape, and end up in a courtroom at the prosecution of the criminals. An idea is in the air to not testify against them, since the repercussions might mean death if we do.

There is another sequence in which MV and I are talking. He mentions some popular musician and says he doesn't really know him too well. MV has also brought along what amounts to a live, raging bull, which eventually is rather over-sized. Strong, bucking wildly, and dangerous. Reddish brown; woolly mammoth? He's after me and he chases me around an outdoor area, possibly Queens Village, at one point leaping over a car to get at me. Somehow I continue to elude him. I trick him into following me up the steps of the stoop and leaping off the side past me.

There was a sequence a few days ago, in which I have to bring some videos to CD, who is in a meeting in an area not completely dissimilar from his usual one, though it's more house-like than office-like. The videos are on a gray, single stack bookstore-like cart.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Blog About the Blog / Mean Streets

There's a sequence about having this very blog mentioned/reviewed on a related popular web site, resulting in heavy exposure. I'm not sure if this has happened or I'm just telling people about this idea, in the dream. It was a bit strange, dreaming about this dream blog.

A long sequence taking place in an unknown city. In some type of bar or club, there's going to be a robbery and/or some type of assault. A gang of kids (resembling high school) has entered, has "unfinished business" with the owner. Maybe some deal has gone bad. I (and others) decide it's a good time to get the hell out of there before violence starts. Dangerous streets outside; concerned we will be "wrongly" beaten: hate crime. Somehow we navigate through alleys and sidestreets unnoticed. We arrive at this other place like a building or warehouse, and it seems we have found some contraband that the earlier gang had been missing. Since we have it and the buyer is here, we decide to sell it directly and take the money. Unfortunately that gang suddenly shows up and we really can't say anything in our defense, caught red-handed stealing their stuff and selling it.