Monday, October 15, 2007

The County Fair

There's a long sequence where I'm going to play at a large county fair. (Not quite as large as the L.A. County Fair, however.) I'm backstage, there's some confusion. There's an older man, African-American, who is supposed to perform before me, he's also waiting backstage. I believe he has a sax or harmonica. We are hanging around with a few other people when we decide to break into a jam of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On." I'm play the opening; I'm surprised when he also decides to play a second guitar instead of the sax part. I eventually sing a verse; pretty good.

It seems eventually he does get to go on stage proper, and I watch him perform with a large group and chorus. I never get to play; no problem. Afterwards, hanging out with MI and a large group in one area, where we watch on a closed circuit television what's being performed on stage in a different area. There are young boys and girls doing somewhat dangerous fire dances, where as part of their dance, part of their hair or head catches fire. I see how this is done the second time, one boy has some flammable goop on his head. A girl comes out and seems very unhappy to be forced to do this dangerous routine. But without hesitation, she does her act and her mouth, eyelashes, and other facial features are briefly surrounded by flames. The cameras show a closeup and she still seems upset, on the verge of tears.

There is another dream in which I hear that SC has died somehow. I'm not sure about it, and plan on confirming it but never do.

Another where I see MJ and he's reading a George Carlin book with a mixture of enjoyment and embarrassment.

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