Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Burp Springsteen

I'm at my parents' house, watching TV downstairs. Bruce Springsteen is on, performing a song on acoustic (possibly with band.) I notice his voice is extremely rough like gravel - basically, as he sings notes, one simultaneously hears an ongoing guttural noise behind it. I say, "it's sounds like he's burping while he's singing..." And just at that moment, I catch the tune and lyrics that he's singing. It's a sad minor key lament, midtempo, and the chorus lyrics just repeat the line "It's burpin' right here....it's burpin' right here..." This is presented as very sad. Like the general context is...if you want to see a man whose heart is broken, well, "it's burpin' right here..." meaning I'm right in front of you. I wake up in hysterics.

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