Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sal Charleston

So the last attempt at 'jump starting' the ol' dream blog here didn't work out so well. It is now a year and half later. But here's another:

With my cousin Tom and his dad, in a field near a house in the country. This is our 'first mission'..to infiltrate this house in broad daylight. Espionage/G.I.JOE overtones. I seem to have an action figure with me as if to make the point...the figure has his name written directly on its plastic - the name is Sal Charleston.

Uncle gets in house, second floor balcony. Tom and I waylaid, by two people sitting in field suddenly. We have to pretend to be dozing off...I try to keep one eye just a hair open now and then to be safe. Eventually we move around the house and sneak in ourselves. Very modern inside. Grand piano near central stairway. I want to play it.

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